AI-powered DevOps is how CA wants to reinvent software development and itself

AI-powered DevOps is how CA wants to reinvent software development and itself

How does non-deterministic software sound? Making data-driven software to help make data-driven software may seem like catch 22, but that’s what CA wants to do. Here’s why and how.

CA is one of the oldest, most traditional enterprise software companies around. As such, it has not exactly been synonymous with innovation. But Ashok Reddy, its DevOps general manager, says this is changing, and CA is reinventing how DevOps is used to develop and deploy software throughout its lifecycle, based on data, machine learning, and AI.

CA has come a long way since 1976. This multi-billion dollar organization, with presence all over the world and thousands of people in its payroll, has made a name for itself mostly as a provider of enterprise software. Just looking at the evolution of the product line of organizations like CA tells the story of the evolution of IT itself.

From mainframes and client-server architecture to multi-tier applications, moving to the cloud era, and now the data-driven era, though a lot has changed through the years for CA, its stated mission of (using technology) to eliminate the barriers between ideas and business outcomes has not changed all that much.

The technology and the approaches, however, have, and Reddy used an analogy between self-driving cars and self-driving applications to refer to this in his CA AgileOps Summit keynote. Many of the things involved in this are mostly seen as unexciting housekeeping chores. Things such as testing and deploying applications, security, integration, and everything that DevOps touches upon.

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