Data, crystal balls, looking glasses, and boiling frogs: Reviewing 2018, predicting 2019

Data, crystal balls, looking glasses, and boiling frogs: Reviewing 2018, predicting 2019

Data gets flexible. Machine learning reigns supreme and transforms everything, including software and hardware. Regulation, governance and licensing interplay with the brave new data world. The years of the graph are only getting started. And frogs are boiling. These are the trends shaping the software, hardware, data, machine learning and AI landscape

Boiling frogs. That’s what we all are really. We are staying put in our pot, while the temperature is rising. Not dramatically, but steadily. Little by little, not jumping wildly so that we might be alarmed, but unmistakably rising. This well-known metaphor can be applied to a number of things, but here the occasion is the traditional end of year review, new year predictions extravaganza.

At first, sunk deep as we are in the constant flow of new developments, only a couple of things came to mind as the most striking about 2018. Upon deeper reflection, however, it turns out 2018 has been quite a year, having set the groundwork for years to come. Here’s the proof.

Or just data, really. The “big data” moniker had its time, and its purpose. It was coined at a time when data volume, variety, velocity, and veracity were exploding. It helped capture and convey the significance of these properties of data at scale. It served as a catch-all buzzword for what was then a new breed of solutions for storing and processing data that broke away from the stronghold of relational databases.

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