The O word: do you really need an ontology? The Year of the Graph Newsletter: November / October 2019

How do you manage your enterprise data in order to keep track of it and be able to build and operate useful applications? This is key question all data managements systems are trying to address, and knowledge graphs, graph databases and graph analytics are no different.

What is different about knowledge graphs is that they may actually be the most elaborate and holistic way to manage your enterprise domain knowledge.

For people who have been into knowledge graphs, or ontologies, as their original name was, this is old news. What is new is that more and more people today seem to be listening, rather than dismissing ontology as too complex, unrealistic, academic etc.

These last couple of months we’ve seen a flurry of activity on all of these technologies. From organizational culture and adoption to events, research and tutorials, it’s all here.

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