Hybrid AI through data, space, time, and industrial applications: Beyond Limits scores $113M Series C to scale up

Hybrid AI through data, space, time, and industrial applications: Beyond Limits scores 3M Series C to scale up

Machine learning approaches to AI alone don’t cut it. Good old-fashioned AI alone does not cut it either. Beyond Limits takes a page from the AI vision book and combines different approaches for large-scale industrial applications

For a hitherto relative unknown, scoring a $113 million Series C at this time is bound to get some attention. The amount of attention is bound to grow upon learning that the company is backed by, and works with, the likes of Bp, its AI technology is based on IP from NASA and Caltech, and it looks like the closest thing to the vision for AI in the real world today.

Beyond Limits, an industrial and enterprise-grade AI technology company active in energy, utilities, and healthcare, today announced a milestone Series C funding round with $113 million closed and another approximately $20 million committed. This round is led by Group 42, a prominent AI and cloud computing company, and Bp ventures, an existing two-time investor and customer of the company.

ZDNet caught up with Beyond Limits CEO and Founder AJ Abdallat to discuss business, technology, and applications.

Beyond Limits (BL) was founded in 2014, and states that its mission is to create automated solutions with human-like powers of reasoning that amplify the talents and capabilities of people. The mission statement goes on to add that BL specializes in complex challenges in extreme environments.

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