How efficient code increases sustainability in the enterprise

Everything counts in large amounts. You don’t have to be Google, or build large AI models, to benefit from writing efficient code. But how do you measure that?

It’s complicated, but that’s what Abhishek Gupta and the Green Software Foundation (GSF) are relentlessly working on. The GSF is a nonprofit formed by the Linux Foundation, with 32 organizations and close to 700 individuals participating in various projects to further its mission.

Its mission is to build a trusted ecosystem of people, standards, tooling and best practices for creating and building green software, which it defines as “software that is responsible for emitting fewer greenhouse gases.”

The likes of Accenture, BCG, GitHub, Intel and Microsoft participate in GSF, and its efforts are organized across four working groups: standards, policy, open source and community.

Gupta, who serves as the chair for the Standards working group at GSF, in addition to his roles as BCG’s senior responsible AIleader and expert and the Montreal AI Ethics Institute founder and principal researcher, shared current work and roadmap on measuring the impact of software on sustainability.

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