Top AI investors reveal State of AI in 2022

If you think artificial intelligence (AI) is moving at a breakneck speed and it’s almost impossible to keep up, you’re not alone. Even if being on top of all things AI is part of your job, it’s getting increasingly hard to do that. Nathan Benaich and Ian Hogarth know this all too well, yet somehow they manage.

Benaich and Hogarth have solid backgrounds in AI as well as tons of experience and involvement in research, community- and market-driven initiatives. AI is both their job and their passion and being on top of all things AI comes with the territory.

Benaich is the general partner of Air Street Capital, a venture capital firm investing in Al-first technology and life science companies. Hogarth is a cofounder at Plural, an investment platform for experienced founders to help the most ambitious European startups.

Since 2018, Benaich and Hogarth have been publishing their yearly State of AI report, aiming to summarize and share their knowledge with the world. This ever-growing and evolving work covers all the latest and greatest across industry, research and politics. Over time, new sections have been added, with this year featuring AI safety for the first time.

Traditionally, Benaich and Hogarth have also been venturing on predictions, with remarkable success. Equally traditionally, we have been connecting with them to discuss their findings every year upon release of the report. This year was no exception, so buckle up and let the ride begin.

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