Digital transformation as a data-centric service

Is digital transformation something you can just buy into? No, but it is a data-centric process, and having the right products and people in place makes all the difference, according to Stratio.

Digital transformation must be one of the most over-hyped, least concrete terms around. Like every such term, it can mean different things to different people. It can also be a huge stress-generating, money-squandering machine for organizations. Because “if you’re not doing it, your company will die and you will lose your CIO or IT leadership job. You’ll be disrupted! Or fail the wrong side of the Innovator’s Dilemma.”

FUD aside however, the world abounds with examples of once iconic and now sidelined organizations that have failed to evolve. And we’ve heard it all before. So what’s new, and what’s big data got to do with it? A lot, according to Stratio, a startup from Spain that has set out to empower organizations to adopt digital transformation based on big data technology.

Stratio offers a range of products and services that aim to help organizations become data-driven. Stratio is coming out of stealth, and was a platinum sponsor for Big Data Spain a few months back. Oscar Mendez, Stratio’s CEO, gave a keynote on digital transformation and Stratio’s approach to it, and was keen to elaborate in an extended conversation.

Stratio defines digital transformation based on three pillars: Customer-centricity, digital channels with an emphasis on mobile, and data intelligence and data driven decisions. The company’s approach to the evolution of digital is in line with IDC’s third platform framework, and Stratio is rather opinionated about this.

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